Adopt-a-Shop Blog

Connecting with our small businesses

Our benefactors connect with the people they support in many ways. When it came to Central Coast Shuttles, Trent from Mates Rates Mortgages said that he has a connection with the Central Coast (having his office in Gosford) and therefore felt for the community. Murray said: Thank you so much for Adopt a Shop support. Companies like yours show the true Aussie spirit when we are hit with major obstacles that are out of our control. With your support CCS Central Coast Shuttles is able to not worry and keep supporting our clients in these tough times. Make sure you contact Murray when we can travel again!

Reaching out over the kilometers

I just love how people reach out from far and wide and help businesses they have never heard of before. Adam from Leed Steel in Albury just wanted to help someone. His act is completely selfless. When he heard about the good clean fun that kids and families could have at Sloties slot car track in Charmhaven, he wanted to give them a hand. Linda was so thankful. She said: Your offer generosity is beyond words of thanks. We have not been approved for NSW government funding therefore your support is how we will get SLOTIES doors open again after all this over. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Leed Steel Pty Ltd & Adopt-a-shop!

'I feel blessed'......Danae Hair Gallery

Danae from Danae Hair Gallery in Lane Cove says that she feels blessed to be supported by Adopt-a-Shop. "I want to thank Adopt-a-Shop for caring about the small businesses who are struggling to survive through this Lockdown and for connecting me to the most amazing two people, Daniel from Strata HQ and Louise from Mother & Daughter Doggie Day Care, who sponsored my business and gave me hope to see me make it to my 12th year." Louise and Daniel are certainly remarkable people, who have given unconditionally to help Danae. If I could find more people like Louise and Daniel, I'd be able to help everyone!

Feeling the love from SA

So good to see hands and help stretch out across our borders at a time when our states seem so divided! The wonderful Andrea from Sheraco recently reached out to help Jane from Colo River Lodges. Jane said: 'It’s so hard as a business operator to admit you are doing it tough financially - but I can honestly say, the sense of relief that I felt when Margaret called to say that a match had been made with Andrea was overwhelming. Yes, it has been a roller coaster over the past few years - fires, two large floods and two lockdowns have impacted heavily, especially considering that my business relies on people being able travel, to be onsite and stay here. So basically, Andrea, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance'. I want to say that too. Andrea, the generosity you and Sheraco Beef in SA is amazing!

Yeah Baby

‘When Teri from Yeah Hair Baby took our phone call to tell her that a very generous Karen Sabo was going to pay her expenses for the next four weeks she was overwhelmed! She told us: I felt Saved, I felt like I had a chance now to fight our way back and felt so honored and humbled that I was lucky enough to be chosen Your kindness has made such a difference. Some people don’t understand that words have weight. When you said ‘what can I do to help?’ you really meant it! And I promise I will pay it forward. It’s great to have such generous people in our community recognising the work that small businesses do. You can see here that Teri has already been giving back!