Adopt-a-Shop Blog

Two amazing supporters

When we told Suzie from Gusto cafe that two of our amazing benefactors had offered to support her, she was speechless. 'I can't express my gratitude, you have helped saved our family business. What I can't believe is that the people supporting me aren't big businesses, they are really only similar size to mine!" And Suzie is right - so far we have struggled to get larger businesses to help - they have lots of excuses, or say they already give elsewhere. I've been very disappointed. Our benefactors so far are all small businesses or individuals who just want to make a difference to one business. And, like the starfish on the beach, we are trying to save them, one business at a time. In the case of Gusto Cafe, the lovely Donna from Home 2 Home Realty in Perth, along with Martin from Bondi Chai, came at the right time. Let's show these generous businesses just how fab we think they are by supporting them! If you want to buy or sell a property in Perth, Donna is your girl. And for a delicious Chai, Bondi Chai is the best! #bondichai #home2home #gustocafe

Anonymous donor

Gavin from Blue Steel Photo Booths has been just as affected by lockdowns as the cafe in the city. His customers are people holding events and weddings, and they have all stopped! When we told him that an anonymous benefactor was going to pay his outstanding bills, he was stunned! "After successfully being in business for 7 years with a national award, Covid and lockdowns hit us HARD. The combined efforts of Adopt a Shop and Em from Canberra meant Blue Steel could pay overheads and continue to fight another month and beyond. There is good in this world." If you know someone who needs our help, tell them to contact us! And, if you know someone who can offer help, no matter how small, tell them to contact us too!

Helping the one you resonate with

One of the things which has struck me about the businesses that are offering help is that they are choosing to support businesses with whom they resonate in some way. PWRSCE chose Statesman Motor Inn as he lived nearby. Martin from Bondi Chai chose Gusto Cafe. Louis from SQM Research chose Mildura Travel because he has seen several travel agencies not make it through. As I sat here matching businesses, it occurred to me that someone very close to me might be needing a hand, although I knew he would never ask. D3 Dance has been in my life for 13 fabulous years. Former Tap Dog, Darren Disney, has been my wonderful teacher, keeping me young, fit and skilled for all those years! Dance schools have been hit particuarly hard, as each lockdown they lose students and income. Though they try to 'Zoom' through it, each lockdown is a major setback, and many struggle to survive. Dance schools like D3 are so important in our community, as they offer young people (and old!) the opportunity for fun, fitness and social connection in a safe, family environment. When I spoke to my husband, Reuben, about Destiny offering support to D3, he was adamant that we should. Getting Darren to accept the help proved much harder, as he is a trooper who carries on without complaint and without asking for help. Thank you, Darren and D3 for giving me the gift of being able to help you a little bit. I need you to stick around so that I can remain the oldest advanced tapper in the school!😁

Sans Ateliers Matched with Geotechnical Laboratories

Today we matched Carlos from Sans Ateliers Tailors in Darlinghurst, NSW with Mick from Geotechnical Laboratories in Ravenhall, Victoria. When we told Carlos about his benefactor's gift he said: "Thank you Adopt a Shop and Geotechnical Laboratories. Your incredible generosity and vision is an amazing example of the great Aussie spirit, and will allow our small business to survive these unprecedented times." Not only is Mick's generosity wonderful, but how good is it to see businesses reaching out across the borders to help one another! Our premiers could learn some big lessons here, don't you think?

Helpers helping the Helpers

I just couldn’t have managed all of the enquiries we are receiving without the help of some very special people and organisations, who are donating so much of their time to us. Firstly, Les Thomas, IT Consultant. He has worked tirelessly fine tuning the website and the systems which allow me to work smarter. A master craftsman who always delivers fabulous results. Next up, Arcus Cloud Computing. Michael developed a fabulous back-end system to save me so much time on record keeping. Shout out to Michael who can help any small business with web and office system development. Then of course there is Beck and Josh from Social Status – who are patiently creating all of our fabulous posts! Lastly Karen Sabo – who not only supports a business, but is hitting the phones and emails to find us more benefactors! Thanks guys!