Adopt-a-Shop Blog

Stress Relievers

Huge Shout out to Colin from Ayers Group who has generously offered to support Cecily from White Magic Candles through the lockdown. Without Colin’s help, Cecily would not be able to meet her expenses. Cecily told us: "We are so grateful and thankful to Ayer's group for being our sponsor during this period of hardship, and for Adopt-a-Shop for making this possible. The support ensures we stay afloat and relieves so much stress. I am very appreciative of Ayer's group for enacting their strong values, and in the future we hope to also be able to follow in their example." So happy for Cecily!

Switzer matched with Shean Partners

Our first match! We'd love to say a huge THANKYOU to Switzer Financial Group for their generosity in supporting Shean and Partners Travel Consultants throughout the current Covid-19 lockdown. Michael Shean was speechless when told of Peter and Maureen's generosity. With so many businesses out there doing it tough at the moment, it's important that we all think of the ways we can roll up our sleeves and help. If you're in a position to be able to support a business, please head to our website and fill out an application form to Adopt a Shop

An idea becoming a Reality

Just over 2 weeks ago, while I was in the midst of suffering extreme frustration at the lockdowns, the protests, the misinformation going around and just the whole shebang, a tweet from a friend got me thinking that, instead of feeling angry, I needed to channel that into something good. And so, Adopt-a-Shop was born. I wanted to, in some way, make a difference to those small businesses who were facing the very real chance of going broke before lockdown ends. Adopt-a-Shop takes on benefactors of any size or shape - businesses or individuals - and matches them with businesses in dire need of a hand up. At best, their weekly fixed expenses covered for the remainder of lockdown, and at least, a bill or two paid by a good samaritan. I've been asked - what's in it for the helping businesses? The answer is, nothing. They do it because they most likely have faced a similar struggle at some time in their business lives. I've been asked - what's in it for YOU (as in me, Margaret Lomas). Well I am selfish, because I have to admit I am loving the moment that I call up a small business and tell them I have found someone to help them! So far we have matched 15 businesses and provided $50,000 in support. But we need so much more. Please, tell everyone you know. I especially need supporting businesses, but if you know a struggling business, tell them to contact me. There's no catch. There's no cost. It's just good old fashioned people helping people.